Our Dj's


Introducing DJ PDP! Peter has over 20 years experience as a DJ. He started out in Calgary, AB working in many clubs as well as doing Weddings, Birthday's, etc...about 10 years ago he decided to relocate to Kelowna, BC and has been building up a reputation in the Okanagan ever since. Peter is a highly interactive DJ who is not afraid to get out and teach dances, and completely entertain the crowd. He knows his music and can get everyone from age 1 to 99 out on the dance floor having fun and shaking their thing! He is big on requests and will play whatever you want to hear within reason. He will be honest with you if he thinks something is inappropriate and should not be played with certain age groups, events, etc...He is fun, energetic and very professional.


 Introducing DJ JC! Jeff is in his eighth year and has picked it up quite well . He has a great personality and is very charming which makes people feel very comfortable with him and they have fun! He will get out there with the crowd and teach dances, encourage people to get off their seats and have a great time! Jeff is also very good with any age group. 

 All our DJ's are more than happy to take requests as you know what you would like to hear and dance to. They can also provide you with suggestions as to what type of music would go over the best with your guests and can also provide suggestions for First Dance, Father/daughter, Mother/son dances, etc... 

 Contact us and book your NO obligation consultation today and we will work with you to provide the most entertaining event you can imagine!